I hit a serious art block this week, so! HTTYD AU sketches. 

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It had been Odessa all over again.
The peculiar sensation of hot metal burning through her flesh and his gaze - unblinking, cold as the Russian winter that had given him his name and with no trace of recollection.
Natasha had clutched her hand to the wound and wondered how many times she could go through this and live…

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#16 was requested twice..
Steve and Bucky for krusca and johanirae !
This was fun!! I’ll go to class now.

anyway here’s wonderwall → exactly what it sounds like, you’re welcome

01. “wonderwall” – natalie lungley // 02. “wonderwall” – hurts //03. “wonderwall” (gregorian chant version) // 04. “wonderwall” (live) – noel gallagher // 05. “wonderwall” – vitamin string quartet // 06. “wonderwall” – ed sheeran // 07. “wonderwall” (punk version) – cartel //08. “wonderwall” – katy mcallister //09. “wonderwall” – cat power // 10. “wonderwall” – ryan adams // 11. “wonderwall” – jake coco // 12. “wonderwall” – oasis


Embrace your differences and the qualities about you that you think are weird. Eventually they’re going to be the only things separating you from everyone else.-Sebastian Stan

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how byronic // a fanmix for leading men in literature who are mad, bad, and dangerous to know (in chronological order). listen.
one. people are strange / the doors (1967)two. sympathy for the devil / the rolling stones (1968)three. born under a bad sign / cream (1968)four. all the madmen / david bowie (1970)five. no quarter / led zeppelin (1973)six. wilderness / joy division (1979)seven. the shadow of love / the damned (1985)eight. the boy with a thorn in his side / the smiths (1986)nine. touch me i’m sick / mudhoney (1988)ten. pennyroyal tea / nirvana (1993)eleven. useless / depeche mode (1997)twelve. i’m finding it harder to be a gentleman / the white stripes (2001)thirteen. stormy weather / the kooks (2008)fourteen. lonely boy / the black keys (2011)fifteen. i want it all / the arctic monkeys (2013)

x-men: first class + charles/erik + social media

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virxbonus requested: fem!steve + 14

"The darkness is ours. The nights belong to us. Everything we do is secret. Nothing we do will ever be understood; we will be feared and kept well away from… "

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Katie, don’t you die down here. I’ll never forgive myself if you do.

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From “Putting Time in Perspective,” at Wait But Why. Part of a larger work on the site, and available as a poster.


Yeah Southern Gothic is the best thing since sliced bread but do you know what I wanna see more of? Southwestern gothic. Creepy desert towns, alien lore and unexplained lights, bones and spurs and burnt-our oak scrub everywhere. Cattle rancher blood feuds, neo-Apache and postmodern-Navajo mythology, Spanish architecture and Americana dreams in equal states of crumbling disrepair. Californian curses and New Mexican ghost towns and long stretches of road with nothing but the deceptive moon or hazy heat mirages for company.

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have you ever started reading a book and just put it down and thought “i have read better fiction by fifteen-year-olds with microsoft word and a account”

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